Do You Think Elon Musk is a Game Changer?

Did you know that Elon Musk is the co-founder of Tesla and SpaceX? Both companies were almost bankrupt when he decided to create them in 2004. Musk worked around the clock, 365 days a year, on both companies. Ultimately, Tesla became the most valuable car manufacturer in the world, nearly doubling Toyota’s value. Whether you think Elon Musk is a game changer or not is up to you.

His detractors paint him as a petty ideologue motivated by politics and money. While his bluster is understandable, his track record speaks for itself. Musk has made some outrageous promises and delivered on them. His Tesla company has even resigned from presidential advisory councils after the Trump administration backed out of the Paris climate accord. What’s next for Musk? He wants to merge the human brain with artificial intelligence to make communication better and the world a safer place to live.

In his early days, Musk lived in a youth hostel in Canada. He studied at Queen’s University and later transferred to the University of Pennsylvania. While there, he took a double major: Physics and Economics. His first major, Physics, was a particularly powerful one, and he worked odd jobs at lumber mills and farms. After graduating, Musk bought a ten-bedroom fraternity house, which he used as an ad-hoc nightclub. While his early experiments have been promising, Musk’s projects still have some limitations.

His recent acquisition of Twitter has polarized opinions about race. His company’s employees have alleged sexual harassment and racial discrimination. Nonetheless, many of them are unlikely to disagree with Musk’s assessment of public opinion. Musk says he intends to bring “free speech” to Twitter, but his stated reasons are naive. His public Twitter presence is often insufferable.

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