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HealthTap is the world’s largest and most dependable digital healthcare hub, providing millions of people around the world with 24/7 immediate access to curated medical information and top-quality care.

The company’s mission is to democratize medical knowledge by making it accessible to everyone, anywhere. Its network includes over 12,000 highly-experienced U.S.-licensed physicians in good standing who answer questions at no charge for anyone interested in health care.

Trusted by Millions

Millions of people worldwide trust HealthTap’s online and mobile health solutions to provide reliable, up-to-date health data. The company curates, categorizes, and organizes the world’s finest healthcare knowledge while continuously updating it with daily contributions from online doctor.

Physicians participating in HealthTap’s Virtual Practices undergo a rigorous screening process to confirm their medical license and good standing. After being accepted, these physicians receive a complimentary Virtual Practice where they can contribute to the online health conversation and create quality health content.

Doctors respond to questions from users and earn reputation points for their answers. This encourages physicians to remain active on HealthTap by answering questions efficiently.

Doctors evaluate their peers based on expertise within certain topics and softer qualitative factors like bedside manner, personality traits, sense of humor and empathy. These ratings are then combined to produce each physician’s “DocScore,” a quality score similar to FICO for doctors that incorporates publicly available data as well as peer review from fellow doctors.


HealthTap strives to make online doctor access more convenient and straightforward for consumers, while still upholding stringent privacy standards. The firm has simplified its onboarding requirements so users can self-identify, while being both HIPAA compliant and SOC 2 Type II certified, according to Mehra.

He noted that HealthTap keeps their onboarding process to a minimum, requiring only basic personal information like name and date of birth. Consumers can anonymously ask HealthTap physicians questions about drug abuse, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases without having to share more than necessary for diagnosing their conditions.

Furthermore, HealthTap recently unveiled its revolutionary development platform – HealthTap Cloud – which allows developers to construct applications more rapidly and cost effectively thestyleplus. This system comprises Application Programming Interfaces and Software Development Kits for creating highly personalized web, iOS, and Android apps.


HealthTap provides an accessible and efficient platform to access top-tier healthcare. It offers a comprehensive suite of services, from symptom checkers to virtual consultations with minishortner doctors.

Primary and urgent care services are accessible to all Americans regardless of insurance status. Furthermore, the company’s cutting-edge applications, information tools, and electronic healthcare records guarantee superior data privacy and security when connecting patients and physicians online.

HealthTap’s Query-to-Cure(tm) technology helps users quickly and easily identify the ideal healthcare option for themselves and their family. By opening up access to physicians’ expertise funnyjok, which was once only accessible during doctor visits behind closed doors, HealthTap democratizes medical knowledge so it’s accessible to everyone.

HealthTap should never be used as a replacement for formal diagnosis, physical examination or prescriptions and should never be seen as treatment for medical conditions. Always utilize our Virtual Consults in conjunction with other forms of advice and professional care as needed.


HealthTap provides a convenient and economical alternative to visiting an emergency room for healthcare needs. Additionally, it helps employers and insurers reduce expenses associated with unnecessary visits or hospitalizations.

HealthTap provides in-person live consultations with a qualified physician via computer or tablet device, starting at $30 per visit. With their Prime subscription plan, you can take advantage of up to 10 virtual consultations per month!

Members can receive prescriptions from its specialists to fill at their preferred pharmacies, however this service is not suitable for urgent medical issues such as chest pain or bleeding that require urgent attention.

The app also features an AI-powered symptom checker that offers guidance based on a person’s individual traits and geographic area. Furthermore, there is a library of general medical questions answered by professional doctors across various specialties.

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