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How to Run a Successful Urban Tabletop Adventure

During your game, your players will notice patterns, and be able to make sense of the events. This helps them identify storylines before the gamemaster does. This helps the players create order in an otherwise chaotic city. You don’t have to worry about naming every street or building, either. Just be sure to keep some rules in mind. Here are some tips on running a successful urban tabletop adventure.

Most urban campaigns involve a city-based setting, and your party will be working to protect it from external threats. A demon like Godzilla can be terrifying and unpredictable, but it’s not ideal for an urban campaign. Rather, choose a demon with cunning and an agenda. A tarrasque can be a good choice for the final battle. With over 600 hit points, it can attack five times a turn and has three legendary actions.

Another good way to design a city-based adventure is by using real-life cities as inspiration. Real-life cities are the easiest to run because you already have tons of information about them, while fantasy cities have entire books dedicated to their culture. Consider making one section of the city more important than another. That way, the players have a more interesting city to explore. Then, use this as your backdrop for your story.

When designing a campaign in an urban setting, keep in mind that your players will be confronted with law enforcement. A city-based campaign will often focus on roleplaying, and will have an emphasis on intrigue. However, if you’re looking for good fights, consider using D&D’s combat system. If your players are in a parade, they can blend in with the crowd, or turn the tide on their pursuers. In a crowd, however, it is best to avoid casting spells such as Fireball or a magical one like a Wizard.

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