Silicone breast augmentation that is popular with women.

Women and plastic surgery can be said to go hand in hand. Because most of us women want to be beautiful. if you want to look better And the current surgery is safe. and not as scary as before In addition, in medicine, new techniques have been developed. continuously Make the result of surgery come out better.

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breast augmentation surgery It is one of the most desirable surgeries for women to do.

Breast augmentation surgery In addition to surgical techniques Silicone is also an important element that helps us to have beautiful breasts. and closest to nature In the past year, many famous silicone camps I took a cool series. Come out to shake the hearts of girls to have a new breast. There are both that have never been added before and girls who want to change silicone to a new series. Size up to look better. Consider waiting one or two years before doing a breast surgeon, if you’re in the fertility treatment process, planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding.

What silicones are popular with most women?

Motiva Silk Surface Plus (Round)

This silicone model is the standard model of Motiva. The highlight is the silicone cover or shell with a Nano Texture texture, which is a very soft touch. It is the perfect combination of sand and smooth surfaces. Guarantees 10 years of membrane, durable, prevents cracking. and was packaged with a new special gel ProgressiveGel Plus that I would say is very soft. and fill it up completely Emphasis on plumpness, beautiful hills, pleasant to the touch, for those who want to increase the size. recommend this model

Motiva Ergonomix

Motiva’s premium silicone. This model focuses on naturalness. with special shape and design That allows the silicone to change its shape according to the movement of the body, whether lying, standing, leaning or moving. The silicone will change its shape like a very natural one. The cover material is still Nano Texture, guaranteeing the occurrence of membranes. and breakage And the trick of this model in chip technology It is the world’s first silicone online storage. Register through the application. You can scan to see the details of silicone. It can be said that it’s really advanced. It’s another hot model. For those who want a natural look breast augmentation

Mentor MemoryGel Xtra

Add the full gel texture. New gel texture Smooth silicone material but thinner than before Giving a softer touch and a round shape or a round shape that adds more roundness, comes in the concept of plump breasts, tight hills, tight fit. Mentor emphasizes that the U.S.A. standard is a brand that people use. This series is suitable for people who want to be big partyguise.

Which brand of silicone to choose for breast augmentation?

Many people may be thinking Which brand of silicone to choose? In fact, all of the silicones mentioned above have safety standards. We should consider problems and needs as a basis. Because each person’s chest problem is not the same And budget may be an important factor. The best way if you are not sure Choose the best consultation with your doctor. We would like to break it down according to the rough features. as a guideline

  1. For girls with small breasts Want to increase the size, add a cup, a size up, a standard silicone and is safe Introducing Mentor Silicone. Help adjust your look for a new person. More sexy. Mentor is a standard silicone. And there are various sizes to choose from, from over 200 to 500 cc. The most popular shape is the round shape.
  2. For girls who have a small breast problem. and want a plump, close-fitting, sloping hill, and focus on the natural touch. We recommend 2 models, Motiva Silk Surface Plus and MemoryGel Xtra because these 2 silicone models have developed a new gel texture. and adjust the shape of the silicone to have a degree that is curved, convex, more prominent Developed later from the original round model. Make the breasts plump, convex, closer and more soft.
  3. For girls who love premium and advanced technology, we recommend Motiva Ergonomix. It is an advanced silicone that focuses on naturalness. Because of the technology in the production of silicone That makes the shape of the silicone can be adjusted according to the movement of the body, whether walking, sitting or lying down, the shape of the face will still look very natural. People with sagging breasts, if supplemented with Motova Ergonomix, will look very good. Motiva Ergonomix also has a chip system used to store surgical data. Technology often comes at a slightly higher price.

breast augmentation surgery It’s a risky surgery. Choosing a breast augmentation surgery It’s not just the silicone that has been certified internationally. Still have to look at other stories. together with The surgeon performing the surgery must be skilled. There is an anesthesiologist to take care of you throughout the surgery. a clean operating room be safe And service places must have standards of service as well lifestylefun.


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