The Functionality, Longevity, and Durability of Magnetic Screens for Doors

Summer is here! As such there’s a lot to celebrate. The warm weather, the pool parties, the barbeques, the beaches (and nude beaches) the imagination is virtually the limit. With warm weather comes all sorts of warm pleasantries. Backyard parties are an absolute staple of the modern consumer experience. As such, many homeowners are looking for the most effective, efficient, and high-quality transition doors on the market. Transition doors are specifically thresholds that bridge the outside to the inside. In other words, these are the doors that separate your home from your yard.

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There are a lot of options when it comes to these transition doors. Glass-screen-doors are a classic staple in many households, while screen-doors are another option for many consumers looking to make the most of their outdoor space. Magnetic screen doors, though, are all the rave, and for good reason.

Magnetic screen doors allow for a seamless transition from indoor spaces to outdoor spaces and make for an extremely pleasant experience. Whether you’re hosting a family barbeque or you’re just having a few friends over for brews, a magnetic screen door can be just the addition you need in your household.

The Benefit of Self-Sealing

First and foremost, magnetic screen doors are self-sealing. This is an excellent feature for an exterior door to have, as it prevents accidental openings. Magnets are used to achieve the self-sealing feature, and come together through their weight.

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Even when they’re pushed apart, the magnets are heavy enough to come back together to re-create a seale that prevents the outside from getting in and the inside from getting out. This is an especially helpful feature for families that have smaller and younger children. If keeping the seal between outdoors and indoors is specifically important to you, a magnetic screen door could be just the solution for which you’re looking.

Let the Breeze in Keep the Bugs Out

Magnetic screen doors are really the perfect screen door. Because they don’t rely on a handle and don’t come with any sort of planed glass or wood, magnetic screen doors are an excellent way to bring the spring or summer breeze straight into the house. Rather than relying on air conditioning or other conveniences of the modern day world, adding a magnetic screen door to your outdoor threshold can bring the fresh breeze of a spring, summer, or fall day directly into your living room. This isn’t all though. Magnetic screen doors are lovely at bringing a breeze into any room to which they’re connected. However, going above and beyond the breeze, magnetic screen doors are also specifically designed to keep bugs out. If you’re considering adding a screen door to your kitchen or balcony, keeping the bugs out and the breeze in could be a main priority.

Besides the pure comfort levels of bringing a breeze into the room, there is a certain atmosphere created when one welcomes a wind into their home. If you’re looking to set the mood for some intimate moments, a magnetic screen door could achieve just the right atmosphere.

Great With Pets

There are a variety of factors that make magnetic screen doors especially compatible with pets.
First and foremost is the fact that they’re self-sealing. Let’s be honest, most dogs, cats, and other household pets are very curious little beings. With a magnetic screen door, pets can come and go into the yard as they please. Because the magnets are heavy enough to fall back together and self-seal, these screen doors are absolutely must-haves for pet lovers and pet owners.

While pets are drastically different from humans, the same can be said with young children. If your family has a few new members in it, magnetic screen doors can help assure that whoever or whatever wants to get in and get out, can do so unencumbered.

Long-Lasting and Durable

One of the best selling points of magnetic screen doors is their durability and their longevity. In contrast to more traditional screen doors, magnetic screen doors are made with a heavy-duty mesh. Because the installation and implementation of magnetic screen doors is so simple, manufacturers are able to address issues like durability.

Highly effective and heavy duty mesh makes magnetic screen doors extremely durable. Whether you’re a family of two, just you and your partner, or you have multiple pets and multiple kids, magnetic screen doors are built to last.

Some Final Thoughts

With the summer season upon us, there are more reasons than ever to host a summer party, have a family gathering, or to just have a few friends over. Whatever your reason is, now is the time to enjoy the outside and there’s no better way to do that than with a screen door. By implementing a screen door into your living space you effectively invite the breeze in, keep bugs out, and give your pets a certain level of freedom that they’ll certainly enjoy.

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