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Wall work – wall construction and plastering

The wall is known as the skin of the house (skin). For exterior walls that protect the house. from the changes of hot and cold weather, sun, wind, rain outside the house, and the interior Wall Paneling Materials serve to divide the various uses in the house into proportions according to the use. The walls in the house have both walls. that acts as a structure or as we call it load-bearing walls (which are further subdivided into load-bearing walls that are reinforced concrete and load-bearing walls This type of wall can be easily imagined as a column that extends out to form a wall, so this type of wall is relatively more expensive. The walls are a bit normal. Another type of wall A wall that is commonly used is a wall that does not support the weight. or not acting as a structure

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Most of the walls are made of bricks. Or it can be used as a gypsum board. There are many types of walls, such as brick walls, stone walls, concrete block walls, glass block walls, or glass walls. There are also walls that are glass walls (curtain walls) that are commonly used in high-rise buildings. and has been used with Residential houses in the Want to open the view to the outside, such as living room, rest room, etc. In the construction method, each wall There are subtleties that vary by type.

Mention the walls that are commonly used, that is, brick walls. There are two types of masonry, showing vertical masonry and plastered masonry walls.

A brick wall showing is a wall with bricks lined up and no plastering. you want to show the line of this kind of brick wall. Therefore, there is no moisture-proof mortar, therefore, in masonry showing the line for the exterior wall of the building, it should not be displayed on both sides. because when it rains or has humidity hit the wall Water will seep into the inside easily. Another precaution is that do not build in an area with a car running through or near (such as a garage on the side of the road, etc.) because if it hits the bricks show a line of scratches. Difficult to edit Most often, the entire wall has to be demolished. and rebuild

Brick masonry wall is a wall made of bricks. and plastered with mortar for order For masonry in this type of wall, it is different from the brickwork of the masonry wall. because the bricks must be made The concrete surface has indentations, about 3-5 mm deep, so that when plastering, it can firmly adhere to the concrete surface. Before plastering, Clean the walls with a broom or blow air to let the debris or cement dust come off first. and saturate the water. Leave it for half a minute. before allowing the brick to fully absorb the water Prevent the brick from sucking water from the mortar which will cause cracking of the wall.

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