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What is the Difference Between a Portrait and a Photograph?

In general, a portrait is a style of image of a person, usually posed. It can be a photograph or a painting. Here are some examples of the two:

A headshot is an image taken at school that identifies the student, while a portrait tells the viewer more about the subject. It’s often used as an identification badge or as part of a newspaper article. In the same way, an actress might send a headshot to a casting agency and have a portrait of herself on set of her first major television gig. In general, a portrait is more versatile than a photograph.

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A photograph is a picture of a person, while a portrait is an image of a subject’s face, the latter is often posed. A street portrait, on the other hand, depicts a person’s face in an authentic setting. However, street portrait photographers don’t go out and take models; they can’t tell if the people they are photographing will give their permission to be photographed. Photographers can control many aspects of a street portrait, including asking the subjects to stand in front of an interesting background and controlling their facial expression.

A portrait is a likeness of a person in some way. It is an artistic rendering, while a photograph is a snapshot of a moment in time. It expresses itself through imagery, flowing off the canvas, and can be more expressive than a picture. A photograph may contain the image of a rock, but a portrait is a representation of the real person, with its own meaning.

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