What is the Highest FPS in a PC Game That Youve Ever Seen?

Generally, the human eye can only see around 60 frames per second (FPS). Some people claim that it is possible to see 240 FPS, but there have been tests to prove that this number is far too high to enjoy the game. Even if it is possible to play games at 300 FPS, most players will not enjoy this. A general rule of thumb for smooth gameplay is to keep the FPS between 30 and 40.

A higher frame rate translates into smoother gameplay. The gamer is able to see sixty frames at once, whereas if it only displays thirty, he would have no time to react to them. A higher frame rate means a better experience and smoother interaction. If your game can run at 60 FPS, you will see smoother animations and experience better game play compared to your opponents.

If you want to play games at a higher frame rate, you will need a monitor with a high refresh rate. You can purchase a PC that supports 240 FPS, but this screen is only available on the most expensive gaming PCs. Even if you can’t afford to buy an expensive monitor that can handle higher FPS, it is worth the investment.

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