What Should You Know About When Negotiating For Child Support?

The process of deciding a child’s living arrangement is an adversarial one during the divorce. When parents can’t agree on how to raise their children, there is usually an issue that needs help. One particular issue that they may be struggling with is child support distribution. A divorce lawyer from The Harris Firm, LLC, can help you with this incredibly complicated process.

This article will provide some background information for you about child support, including information about what should you know about when negotiating for child support.

  • Familiarize yourself with the law

Both parties in the divorce have a legal right to know what is expected of them under the law. The federal government has set forth guidelines for child support that states must obey. These rules are based on the state of residence and the income of both parents. A lawyer can help you understand all aspects and requirements for child support so you can avoid any penalties or having to pay more than legally required.

  • Come prepared with a number

Financial experts agree that a parent paying child support should pay at least 20% of their gross income to the custodial parent. This is a good number to have in mind when you are negotiating for child support. If you can’t get close to this amount, it may be worth negotiating for other things like visitation and custody.

  • Don’t accept restrictions on the use of child support

The law allows a parent to restrict the way a child support payment can be spent, but it’s important that you know what is allowed before you agree to any restrictions. You should not allow restrictions on child support as it can significantly affect the child’s future needs.

  • Request periodic reviews of child support

Child support can change as a child grows up and needs new things or as income goes up or down, depending on which parent receives it. By requesting periodic reviews of child support, you can ensure that the current amount is still adequate. Since there is no formula for this calculation, you need an experienced attorney who will keep the best interest of you and your children at heart.

  • Ensure that your final written agreement is specific

There are specific things that must be included in your written agreement, such as why child support is being set and how it will change with the child’s age. The agreement should include the amount of child support to be paid and how it will be paid. If child support is not set in writing, it will be difficult to enforce.

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